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Thread: irritating gap in layout with Opera

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    irritating gap in layout with Opera

    So far my page works fine with FF,IE,NS8,Safari but Opera is giving me trouble
    I've kinda narrowed this problem down to the PHP login form. If i take it out the gap goes away. I've tried MANY things and i've yet to figure this problem out.

    now if you were to view the link above with opera it would look like this

    Thanks for any help, this is a tough one

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    Your form causes the gap. Set form's margin to zero.

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    *problem solved*

    How would you go about setting the form to 0 margin,
    The name of the DIV is titlebar_right, i've tried

    input {margin: 0;}


    form#titlebar_right {margin: 0;}


    div#titlebar_right {margin: 0 0 0 468px;}

    HAHA, YES,
    ok, while i was typing this, i tried something i've never tried before and fixed it

    You were right mikkomikko, i just had the margin: 0; in the wrong spot
    I finally added my class="login_form" to the form line, i previously only had it on the input lines

    echo "<form method=post action=\"login.php\" class=\"login_form\">";
    echo "<input name=\"username\" type=\"text\" value=\"User Name\" size=\"10\" class=\"login_form\">&nbsp;";
    echo "<input name=\"password\" type=\"password\" value=\"Password\" size=\"10\" class=\"login_form\">&nbsp;";
    echo "<input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"Log In\" class=\"login_form\">";
    thanks for the extra push in the right direction

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