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Thread: Java Crash

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    Java Crash

    Everytime I view a page that opens java, as soon as I close my browser my computer freezes.

    Roll overs etc do not have an effect. But when viewing some sites the java console icon will appear next to the time on the task bar. As soon as I see this I know my computer will crash.

    If I have many browser windows open (firefox/IE6) the computer only freezes when the last window is closed. If I dont close the browser there is no freeze.

    Aslo when clicking on Java console in my computer it starts to open but just remains greyed out. Soon as I close this.... freeze....

    Have tried uninstalling... took a few tries as it kept freezing.

    reinstalled but same problem... My other computer does not have this problem....

    Anyone have any ideas or ever seen anything said about java causing freezes ?

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    Strange. In Firefox, you can disable JavaŽ in the Content tab of the preferences.

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    Thanks for that.... just turned it off, left java script on....

    Only prob is that I will have to turn it back on again each time i use internet banking.... And I will still have to flick the power switch off to reboot.

    But at least the other sites wont cause me to have to restart after visiting them.

    Googled it.... but couldn't find any reason why the console won't open from the "control panel" either.....

    I have hated Java ever since they stopped MS from including it in IE.

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