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Thread: Vertical Centering

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    Vertical Centering

    Hi all,

    Quick question... I have a page:

    I'd like the content to be centered horizontally AND vertically. How do I go about doing it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    To get it vertically centered you will have to use 1 table. 1 column and 3 rows. 1st row and last row heigh set to 50%. With the whole table height set to 100% That will make the center row vertically centered

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    OK, I set the existing table in the center row of the table you suggested. But both IE and FireFox still show it at the top of the page. You can take another look at the link to see the source.

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    Try this:
    body, html {height: 100%;}
    #outer {height: 100%; overflow: visible;} /* or without overflow */

    <table id="outer" width="100%" border="0">

    Got the code from:
    Though they use <div> instead of <table>. Call me old fashoned, but I changed it to work on a regular table. Check the link for the whole step by step thing.
    -John Mazz

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