right, recently redid my site www.chirhodesign.co.uk.

its 100% valid XHTML, but i'm having some difficulties in IE. In FF, on my blog page, images have padding: 1px and a border.....which is exactly what i want....
however, in IE, the border exists, without the padding. could sumone inspect my code and see if i've missed anything?

HTML - www.chirhodesign.co.uk/blog.htm
CSS - www.chirhodesign.co.uk/main.css

also, in both IE and FF, i'm finding it impossible to create a gap between my final entry and the footer (on the blog page again). if anyone finds a way to let me have a gap (10-20px), then please let me know.

my final issue is my contact form. i've tried multiple php tutorials, but they never seem to work. all i have is an email, subject and comment input....if sumone could point me in the direction of a suitable script, then please let me know.

cheers guys