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Thread: My Swift 3D Renders

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    My Swift 3D Renders

    Well, I've drawn some images in Swift 3D V3, starting off with a headphone jack, then some ugly wine glasses, then stapler, some other stuff in between, then finally my beloved guitar. First off, here is everything minus the guitar.

    Stapler Group

    Sorry bout the low quality, trying to be friendly to dialupers, such as myself

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    hat is very very very nice, keep it up
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    Backend Specialist
    diggin it. nice work. wish i was a swift3d master

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    sed|thh's Avatar
    '30ezer litér zokszigén'
    wow good job

    I guess it took like a day for swift to render the scene, right?

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    the reflections are really nice. nice details. i stared at it for a while

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    Wow, thats a clean render. Looks great man!

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    Wow nice amazing that swift can even manage that!

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    Thanks for the compliments.

    I'm no Swift 3D master...

    It didn't take all that long-- I think about 20 minutes.

    A low quality jpg doesn't do justice. So, here is another from a slightly diff angle and closer up. PNG format. (Best quality is Bitmap, but it's like 1.8 megs.)

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    Alright, now, here are some of my guitar renders. First, here is a photo of my actual guitar.

    And here are the renders. I have a lot more, but I'd rather not clog up the internet. Here a few of my favorites. I ended up creating a room and other stuff around the guitar (guess, I just had too much time on my hands). This stuff doesn't even rank next to some stuff I've seen done with Maya, 3D Studio Max, etc, but it was fun anyway.


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    You fancy helping me with some 3D stuff for my website?

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    I can't see any of your stuff I only get 404's and non-valid images...

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    It's all gone?

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    Every1 in Scotland duz it
    sweet work. 1 tiny tiny tiny thing.

    top of the a&w can looks a little squint. dunno maybe its just my and my tiredness.

    but dang man thats ace. I want to get into 3d, any suggestions on where to start. Or should i dive into it head first. metophorically(bad spelling; tired) speaking.

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    Really nice stuff. I haven't gotten into the 3D stuff yet. Hopefully soon once my comp is fixed. One thing I noticed, though, is that the wood grain on the side of the guitar doesn't wrap around with the curves, but looks flat. Is that something Swift can't pull off well?

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