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Thread: PHP error message

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    PHP error message

    I had this little mail form working fine but now that I changed to new hosting company, I get this message on top of page:

    Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mrxsssco/public_html/thanks.php:9) in /home/mrxsssco/public_html/thanks.php on line 14
    amyone knows what that's supposed to mean? thx!

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    that means you have a line break, white space or script between the opening php tag and your headers, which scr*** it up, headers gotta go first!

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    I'm definitly not a PHP guru or anything like that. I just figured it would be the easiest way to get a little mail form on my site...

    I dont see anything wrong with my syntax, but even tho I checked, tha's probably what it is...

    Here's the file, it's very short, and it should only take 10 sec for one of the Kirupa gurus to figure it out

    Thank you

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    I guess you can't ul files w/ .php
    oops! I zipped it.

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    You have to set the cookie before the HTML. I have never done it before but I think if you just put the PHP before the HTML code, you should be all set.

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    that works!
    I understand what I was doing wrong now, my PHP file calls another one w/ HTML formatting already in it, so it was redundant. I actually remove all the HTML from this particular page since it's just the action that's called by the "submit" form, it sets cookies and e-mail the message...
    I don't know why it was working fine on my previous hosting company tho...
    Thanks a bunch! I learned a little more about PHP thx 2 u!

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