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Thread: Awkward problem

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    Awkward problem

    Somehow I can't help but feeling that the answer to my question is staring me in the face, but I just can't figure this one out. Hope someone here can show me up.

    I'm setting up a blog for a friend of mine who is a musician, so naturally he wants a Flash MP3-player on the site. I'm creating a flash header that will hold the player and some buttons and stuff. No problem with that.

    What I would like to achieve is to make the SWF appear as a integrated part of the site (that is when you scroll the page down, the SWF scrolls with it) yet because it'll be playing music I don't want it to reload when someone clicks a link on the page.

    My first instinct was to make the page in a frameset contained within another page that I hoped would make the whole thing scrollable, but it seems that's not an option.

    Any ideas?

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    No ideas?
    I guess it's undoable... I haven't found squat anywhere else either.

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    you might want to try iframes.

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    Do it with styles.

    <div id="flashHeader">
    and css:
    #flashHeader {
    position: fixed;
    And with ie, you have to use absolute positioning.

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    that's not what he's trying to accomplish.

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    read the original post again. Yes, you are right. sorry my mistake.

    i guess iframe is the right way to go.

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