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Thread: Flash positioning using CSS

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    Flash positioning using CSS

    I've just hit blank. For some strange reason, I just can't get my head around this. And I've searched the internet, but nothing there either. So, where better to turn to, than the forum for the world's smartest people? [Really, it is. I feel like a five year-old in a high school math class.]

    Anyway, I've created a Flash site which I'm really proud of. Drop down menus and some really cool effects. And best of all, none of it's dynamically programmed. Everything is just movieclip based. I'll be posting it tomorrow in the Showcase section - there are still some pages I need to finish.

    The thing is that the movie size is 1020x800, and I've only used 750x450. The rest is just a radial gradient. In IE6, it works fine. I've hidden the overflow, set the position to absolute, and it works great. But on another resolution than 1024x768, or in another browser - it's pretty messed up.

    So, how do I position the movie to be centered no matter what? I don't need to set the clip vertically - it has to stay at the top. And I want the scrollbars to be hidden as well.

    Any help will really be appreciated. I think the coffee's getting to me.

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    A visual referrence or your CSS file would be helpfull

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    Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.

    Here's the link to the temporary site:

    The menu doesn't work perfectly yet because I haven't linked all the pages yet. Can anyone see the three Kirupa tutorials I made it from?

    Thank you in advance,

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    I would make the movie and publish it at 750x450 and do the gradient background in CSS, just have it as a repeating image in the body background. you can then create a div that is 750 in width and use CSS to position it.
    such as

    #container {
    width: 750px
    margin: 0 auto;

    <div id="container"> [FLASH OBJECT] </div>

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    Thank you. This morning that made sense, strangely enough. The reason I did the background in Flash, was because of the radial background. A radial background in Photoshop would increase the filesize dramatically.

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    your nav isn't working for me in ie7 beta2. might want to look into that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwh2
    your nav isn't working for me in ie7 beta2. might want to look into that.
    I've reinstalled IE7 to check, and it works fine now. Given, I've changed a lot of stuff this morning. I'm goin to uninstall IE7 again, because it keeps on crashing when I open three tabs.

    The link to the web site now is just, I've added Moock's player detection script to redirect users who do not have Flash Player 8.

    Thank you for letting me know,

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    I am viewing IE 6 currently, looks fine. For some reason I failed to realize you were using a radial gradient. My comments were meant for a linear gradient and using CSS to tile the img in the background.

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