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Thread: Artists Resources - Furniture

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    cool beans

    Artists Resources - Furniture

    Hey. I've been looking around, and I've found a neat website. This is for all of the people who want to model or draw something with furniture. If anyone wants, I'll post up more websites for ya'.


    Hope you all enjoy it.


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    nice find man!

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    cool beans
    They have some pretty inspirational furniture. Right now I'm trying to make a tile material like they have in one of their set ups.


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    awesome! thanks for that link!*starts learning advanced 3d*

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    cool beans
    Lol, it's not really advanced. The modeling is hectic, and the rendering is just tedious. But nonetheless it's the materials and textures that's the hardest part.


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    Real good site

    i recently came across a site that was easy to navigate, good products at affordable prices. Oh there are still good sites out there!!!!!!

    Check this out:


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    i think my wallet just crapped its pants in my pants. (<--- not really wearing pants).

    nice designs but not "affordable." 96USD for A barstool.

    "do what guiness tells you, always do what guiness tells you...hmmm new advertising slogan maybe"- RabBell

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