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Thread: duplicateMovieclip issues...

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    duplicateMovieclip issues...

    ok...what i am trying to do is duplicate a movie clip a couple of times. I have got it so that part works, but the duplicates always come up in front the border/background(see file), but i want them to be behind it. One thing is, that the original MC always seems to go on the right depth. Any help would be appreciated

    thanx in advance
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    you need to use swapDepths, the easiest way i can think of but uses more cpu usage is to use the


    or better yet you could do an if statement
    not sure of the getDepth() and swapDepths(), if that is there correct names just go in the help files and look cheers

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    i'll try that and see if i can get it to do anything

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    not quite...

    this code doesn't seem to do anything at all, it just comes out the exact same as b4. I tried every wayi could think of to fix it but since im not very familiar with swapDepths i wasn't sure what was wrong...
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    ok in the line of as that you duplicate the movie clip




    like i said before though im not sure if the functions are spelled right so check the help folder, but this should do the trick

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