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Thread: Mailto without opening a mail program...

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    Mailto without opening a mail program...

    Is there a solid way to send information from a form to an e-mail address without opening the user's default mail program?

    Thanks a lot guys.

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    use a server-side script. search for php mail forms and you'll get about a million results.

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    Hmm, but don't I have no idea how to do the whole/server/database/PHP/whatever thing... thanks anyways.

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    you don't need to know. you can find canned scripts all over the place.

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    its very easy copy and paste takes very little knowledge.

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    $to = '';
    $subject = 'mySite';
    $content = 'Content';
    function sendMail(){
    mail($to, $subject, $content, 'From:');

    I think that it, not sure but :S

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