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Thread: Site of the Week (Feb 6th - Feb 13th)

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    Site of the Week (Feb 6th - Feb 13th)

    If you wish to be considered for this week, please read the summary of rules:

    1) Reply by the end of February 13th to be considered for this week's award.

    2) Include the URL and your email address.

    Only the webmaster/creator of the site can submit.

    Only one submission per person per week.

    Submissions are capped at 10 entries each week, so don't wait or hesitate until the last minute. Entries beyond the 10 entry limit will not be eligible for the SOTW for that particular week.

    Include a brief synopsis of your site inluding its purpose, or maybe some features you wouldn't want anyone to miss.

    3) Your site does not have to be full Flash to be eligible. Whilst you still must employ Flash to some extent, we are also looking for the overall design and usability of your site, not just your Flash skills.

    4) While it is understood that sites are perpetually under construction, please submit only complete sites. Do not submit a site that is less than 80% finished.

    5) Submissions must be actual websites with sections and content. Examples of ineligible include (but not limited to) flash games, movies, etc.

    6) There will be a private poll among the moderators and a winner will be announced.

    7) No critiques or feedback is allowed in the submission thread. If you wish a concentrated critique of your site, you may start a thread in Site Check.

    8) If you posted a entry in SOTW within the past two weeks, and that entry was among the first 10 entries for that week, then you will be ineligible to re-submit your site. There is now a two week cool-off period between submitting sites.

    For more information or questions, please refer to the Official SOTW Rules. Once you have read and understand the rules above, you may submit your site to this thread. Sites not adhering to the rules above will be disqualified and deleted. Submitting your site is an agreement and acceptance of the rules.


    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    website: (updated)



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    First redesign in years for this personal freelance flasher site with intro vid, scripted background changes, and popup style text scroller in the "what" section (don't know why, but I really dig that thing..)


    email: devon.o[at]


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    email: f.garzoli[at]

    (one frame website, php/mySql data, featuring my first time with 9-slice feature on flash8)

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    mail: v2 . featuring free download of my latest album and website source files

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    portfolio of tattoo artist

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    photographer portfolio

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    website for a friend of mine, an upcoming male model

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    Unveil Design



    Description: The award-winning site for Web development company, Unveil. This site is a shining example of the beautifully realized programing and simplicity of design that makes Unveil so unique among Web developers.

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    Description: Armory arte is an italian gallery of contemporary art.

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    Registered User


    Description: For Zo!, musician & producer

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    GX design

    website :
    e-mail :
    creator : Dan Minescu

    GXdesign flash site, inspired by old romanian movie.

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    brndn's Avatar
    has cme t snuf da rooster

    its quite slow but well worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by brndn

    its quite slow but well worth it
    That is your site?

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    has cme t snuf da rooster
    no I found it in my travels.
    sorry I didn't know that you can only post your own sites.

    I just thought that this site deserves recognition here at

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