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Thread: HTML/Flash Issue

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    HTML/Flash Issue

    I am designing this site which has a flash header which container the navigation, and below it a 2 column, 1 row table (left side sub navigation, right side content). To get to the point, I want to develop the site so when i click a button in the sub nav section, content can load without reloading the flash header over again.

    I used iFrames which solved the problem, but I am trying to have no vertical scroll with my iFrame.Instead I just want the iFrame height to expand, depending on the amount of content; I tried a few times and got nothing, so now I look to some of you for some type of solution.

    Any ideas?

    p.s. - Im not proud of my iFrame usage, i knew no other way
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    the only way i can think of is by setting either a cookie or a session variable w/ some server side scripting. Then depending of the value of that, it would determine either the source of the swf or a variable
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    You can try messing around with Flash Shared Objects. You can find a tutorial in Kirupa tutorials. When I tried using it, the flash animation would play when the user entered the site and if the user reloaded, the animation wouldn't play again, but, if you close the browser and open it back up, it still wouldnt' play again. Even if you dumped your cache, if I'm correct. I soon just lost interest in it...

    You could also use some sort of AJAX script to load the content into divs or iframes, but there is a possibility of losing some cross-browser compatibility.

    Eh, sorry I can't be of more help. I'm not all that smart...

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