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Thread: Downloading Entire Sites

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    Downloading Entire Sites


    I heard you can download entire sites through Dreamweaver or other Shareware products. Any help on how to do this? I am new to the game.

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    Yes you can as long as you have the FTP url, username and password
    Well, FYI it cant be done that easily coz some webs contain secured files which hold important information of the users/web. If what you said can be done easily, I would have downloaded HSBC's web to my com

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    Hi there,

    Yes, indeed it is possible to download a complete website with help of special software. This software makes it possible to watch the downloaded website when you are off-line. Be inventive searching for the software.
    B.t.w.: if the website uses DataBases it is not possible to download all content/databases because all links to the databases will direct to the original website.

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    well it all depends on your purpose.
    if you are a developer then mmubashar's response is corrent. DW can do it but you need the correct access to the site
    if you are a general page browser, you can download the static site using applications like internet explorer for viewing when you are offline

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    there is a tool that does this too. It is a dw extension. But why would you want to do this?

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    You don't need Dreamweaver or anything to download a public site, as long as the pages are interlinked

    Get GNU wget -

    Then run:

    wget --mirror --convert-links
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