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Thread: JS links and anchors

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    JS links and anchors

    Here is what I want to do:

    have a link with an anchor, if anchor name is "a1" then javascript function pops up window and goes to an anchor in the popped up window doc (say, <a name="h1">Topic</a>

    If i go to next link and it has anchor named "a2", then js function runs and pops up window and goes to anchor "h2" in popped up window.

    I already know how to pop up a window and all that, I'm just not sure how to access the anchor name from the js function, not sure of the terminology/syntax, etc.

    I guess I would do something like:

    		if (anchor = "help1"){
    			url = "regis_help.htm";
    			selectedPrint =, 'selectedPrint', winprops);
      		}else if (anchor = "help2"){
    			url = "regis_help.htm";
    			selectedPrint =, 'selectedPrint', winprops);
    "winprops" is defined already in my pop up function... and of course the link that is pressed has :

    <a name="help1" href="javascript: showHelp();">Link</a>

    So, basically all I need is help with the if-statement's first line. I'm almost there, just need a little push. THanks.

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    eeeeh, don't worry about it, I worked out something easier.

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    yeah..I was gonna say - Isn't there an easier way to do it?

    Care to enlighten me as to what you came up with?

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    Hey, thanks for your interest. This is what I did:

    All my window properties were already defined, then I just wrote a short function for each. The "h" stands for which Help Section (marked with anchors) in the pop-up the user will be taken to

    function h1(){
    	url = "regis_help.htm#1";
    	selectedPrint =, 'selectedPrint', winprops);
    function h2(){
    	url = "regis_help.htm#2";
    	selectedPrint =, 'selectedPrint', winprops);
    function h3(){
    // etc
    // and so on...
    The purpose of this was, I was creating a form for users to fill out. Beside each form field was a little "Help" icon where they could click on and go to a specific section of text within a pop-up window. That's all. I was just trying to be efficient with my js, but then I just wanted to get it done...

    Take care.

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    why not just have one function as so ...
    function showHelp(num){
        url = "regis_help.htm#"+num;
        selectedPrint =, 'selectedPrint', winprops);
    and when you like to them do
    HTML Code:
    <a href="javascript:showHelp(1)" name="1">Link1</a>
    <a href="javascript:showHelp(2)" name="2">Link2</a>
    PHP Code:
    <zip> echo this; </zip

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    Perfect. Well, if you would've answered earlier.... Hey, I'm still learning....

    Thanks antizip. That's exactly what I was looking for. That works perfectly, except I don't need the anchors there in the links that the users click; they go in the document in the window that pops up.

    Thanks again.

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