I've got a little problem. I'm building a little application. I've got a form with comboboxen that submits values to my database (sql). But now the question:

I'm trying to make a form that updates te values (so the user can change the values). This is all working.. but i've got to re-select te comboboxes again..


include '../include/db_connect.php';

 $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM downloads WHERE down_ID = '$id'") or die (mysql_error());
    while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) 
      <form action='index.php?p=change_entry' method='POST' >
       <table width='544' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'>
      <td width='140' align='left' >&nbsp;Soort</td>
      <td width='260' align='left' ><select name='menu_SOORT' id='menu_SOORT'>
        <option value='piccies/movies.gif' selected>Dvd</option>
        <option value='piccies/games.gif'>Game</option>
        <option value='piccies/apps.gif'>Software</option>
        <option value='piccies/music.gif'>Muziek</option>
        <option value='piccies/xxx.gif'>Pron</option>
      <td align='left'>&nbsp;Titel</td>
      <td align='left'><input name='menu_TITEL' type='text' id='menu_TITEL' size=42 value='$data[down_TITEL]'></td>
      <td align='left'>&nbsp;By</td>
      <td align='left'><select name='menu_By'>
        <option value='Bas' selected>Bas</option>
        <option value='Thomas'>Thomas</option>
        <option value='Wilfred'>Wilfred</option>
        <option value='Bram'>Bram</option>
        <option value='Peep'>Peep</option>
        <option value='Erik'>Erik</option>
        <option value='Danny'>Danny</option>
      <td align='left'>&nbsp;Status</td>
      <td align='left'><select name='menu_STATUS'>
        <option value='piccies/downloaden.gif' selected>Downloaden</option>
        <option value='piccies/bezit.gif'>in Bezit</option>
      <td align='left'>&nbsp;Score</td>
      <td align='left'><select name='menu_SCORE'>
        <option value='piccies/1ster.gif' selected>*</option>
        <option value='piccies/2ster.gif'>**</option>
        <option value='piccies/3ster.gif'>***</option>
        <option value='piccies/4ster.gif'>****</option>
        <option value='piccies/5ster.gif'>*****</option>
      <td colspan=2><center><input name=submit type=submit value='opslaan'></center><input type=hidden name='id' value='$data[down_ID]'></td>
as you can see... there's 1 textinput filled with the values from the database... but isn't there a way to auto-select these comboboxes ?

I hope you understand me guys!