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Thread: html/php vs wml index files

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    html/php vs wml index files


    i'm currently trying to develop a mobile phone/device version of our website.

    however, theres a bit of a problem.

    the main index page is index.php

    for the mobile phone, its index.wml

    trying to access the page ( from a phone, it doesn't read or find the wml file, it tries to read the php index page, which obviously doesn't work. i know this from the site logs. i then changed the index.wml to home.wml, but that didn't work. however, if you put the index.wml in the web address, like it works.

    why does it do this? and how do you get the mobile phones to read the wml file without having to put that file onto the end of the web address??

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    u need to create an apache handler to redirect wap requests to a certain file goggle it

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    hi there..thanks fo the reply.

    however i cant work out what i need to change.

    i've searched on google, maybe i'm searching wrong or clicking on the wrong things. i dont have direct access to the server, as the site is hosted elsewhere on a pro server place type thingie.

    would it be best to ask them or can i alter it myself?
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    you may be able to direct them using php to find there browser type and direct to a specified file, i dont know what kind of headers a WAP browser would send though

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    thanks for your help so far.

    anyone know what i can do to detect the wap browser and direct them to the index.wml ??
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