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Thread: Female Techno Artists....

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    Female Techno Artists....

    I was listening to Nicole Elmer today (aliases include Chromosome 57, Squab Teen, and Neutral), and I was thinking to myself while bobbing my head... that I don't listen to nearly enough female techno artists.

    My music folder is populated with Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Dieselboy, Overseer, etc, etc. But the only female artist I have in there is Nicole Elmer.

    What am I getting at? Simple... this made me decide to scour the web for more female techno artists... I knew they existed... THEY HAD TO! I came across this site......

    It is a site dedicated to women musicians in techno. I think that is fantastic. I haven't gotten to check out many of the artists yet (although I did notice Nicole Elmer had an interview in there ), but if anyone is interested, check it out

    And also... if you know any good female techno artists... don't be shy

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    i downloaded a track off their site.. it's 57:00 minutes long... too effing long!

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    LOL... awww come on, you can handle it Besides, the one before that one is like an hour and 7 minutes long

    Good stuff though

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    Hmmm... 33 views, only 1 reply from ahmed.

    I guess I am the only one that feels that women techno artists should be given more credit..... heh..... well that sucks

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    im with ya lost!

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    Two people is a good start I guess

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    I like female artists.. im just not into techno..
    tell me the best song to d/l off there and ill check it out

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    Out of the songs they have on their site, I think they are all good.

    I personally like "This One's for the Bass Heads" and "Not In Our Name Pledge Of Resistance"

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    i cant figure out where to get them.. heh.. help?

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    Yeah... click on the "Audio" link in the navigation

    Theres only 4 songs there, but the site is FILLED with artist names you can search on the net for.

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    ohhh.. ok
    i thought it was wierd how there was only 4.. ill look into in a few.. im playin with the panda on orsinal

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