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Thread: Rotated Textfields disappears

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    Rotated Textfields disappears

    I'm wondering if this is just a limitation of Flash and if there's a workaround. I have dynamic text fields that I would like to rotate. Only as soon as they rotate they disappear. If I keep rotating them around, once they hit 360 degrees again (proper orientation) they magically reappear.

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    You probably need to go to the properties panel and embed the font. Fonts that are not embedded don't manipulate properly.

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    By the way i had the same problem many time ago, and i got the same answer (which is right), but i didnt know how to embed, and mayb u will hav the same problem. Click the text box and go to property panel, there click on Character and specify ranges.

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    select the text box then go to character and select the first four lines click ok and there you go
    also when using dynamic text it makes it much crisper

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    Thanks a lot guys! I knew there had to be a solution to this. =] And lots of thanks for the details on how to embed them.

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