Hi everyone,

I'm putting together a portfolio site for a sound design student... Here are the barebones of it - uzugexe

Not all the content is there yet and I'm working on a background texture. I was wandering if any of you guys have a spare couple of mins could check out the site, going through it roughly in order...and then back again! You will see that some of the external swfs are loading in different places each time, or sometimes not at all! They tend to load in the right place to start with, but when you click a button to load in another one..it shifts to one side briefly before loading the new one....weird.

Must be something in my coding within the transition method. I borrowed the code and a similar idea from a friend, which I know is not the best idea, but I'm still pretty new to flash and programming in particular..and needed to get it done! Anyway turns out (as pointed out by someone else) that he must have got it from the transition tutorial on this site! So I've compared it and can't see any errors in the code... I plan to shape the design into my own once it is working properly...!

I've tried resizing all the external files to match the main movie, to avoid having to use the _x _y for positioning in the main movie.....still happens

Any help or advice very much appreciated



PS - the first pieces are sound toys, with which sounds are triggered by mouse rollover, I think I will need to add text to prompt the user to do this... There is quite a lot of text still to add....