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Thread: Looking for a Web Designer and a Photographer

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    Looking for a Web Designer and a Photographer

    A friend and I are looking for a web developer who is working freelance as a hobby that wants to work for a small private company. Benefits of working with us is that we will advertise for you to help your business grow. we will also make business cards for you and give you some hosting space for your portfolio.

    We are also looking for a freelance photographer. Benefits being a free website to display your work, business cards, and advertisement.

    We are very laid back and easy to work with.

    If you could please post you portfolios and contact info it would be appreciated. Thanks,


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    What sort of Ideas do you have for the web developer?

    I also do Photography, but haven't had a great deal of time for it recently, so that may be better for someone else.

    Please feel free to contact me either through the site or at


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    what sort of photography would your employee be doing?

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    I'm your man.

    I do web design, development, Flash, photography, singing, dancing and stand-up comedy.

    ...ok, disregard the last three. I'd love a freelance web design and/or photography job

    I think you should visit my site.

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    The site is not completed yet (Portfolio section is under construction), please check pm for sample work.
    I'm fluence in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XHTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL.

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    My name is Ricardo Corrie, and I am a freelance web designer. Currently, I take it as a hobbie and don't charge very much. I am 16 years old and am in 10th grade in high school. Don't let my young age tur you off, I've been told that I'm very talented in photoshop, flash, and Scripting. I can build great functioning HTML + PHP websites and am capable of creating flash websites. if you would like to see some of my work, you can visit some of the following websites:

    ***please note that some of these websites aren't for real use. Some were just made for my portfolio.***

    - (my website. still under construction)

    I made all of these myself with Photoshop, hand coded HTML, and some PHP.

    Hope to hear from you soon,
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