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Thread: Moms Computer

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    Moms Computer

    So somehow my mom is famous for screwing up her computer in the strangest ways...she never has any idea how things happen but they do...

    She has done it again and I cant figure it out to save my life

    when you turn on her machine it starts up fine but you get a message that windows has found a spyware virus and has updated the most recent virus scan software...

    proscan (or something like that) starts, comes up and freezes then you get the windows error message that a serios error has occurred and they have created a log of the can send now or cancel...

    thing is the entire machine is frozen, i cant close out proscan which I ahve never heard of, I cant cancel the windows message--NOTHING---I have an arrow and the hour glass and it stays forever..I control alt deleted multiple times, it gives me an error message that the task menu is open to the administrator. I cant get into the start menu or the control panel to see what in the world is on her machine.

    Her desk top comes up as needing to be activated but you cant get to it and i can see the system specs on the white desktop with all her icons...there are about 50 new ones for ****, poker, scan software and all these other things--but the entire system is frozen

    I can only power off by the switch in the back of the box or holding the power button down for about 10 seconds...when i power up it scans all drives because it found in error on one but it wont tell me which one.

    Any ideas guys???


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    Can you get to Automated System Recovery before the message comes up?

    Start -> Help and Support -> System Restore

    If it just happened recently there is a chance you can restore it back to a couple weeks ago before you got the bug

    If you can get is stable enough to just run here is an excellent thread for adware removal

    ...and tell Jessee to stay off the pron sites
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    I cant get into the start window with out it freezing up on me. I got into it once but it just froze open I will try it tonight...This is her computer at work so it has all her tax records on it and she really doesnt want to lose them

    It just happened yesterday, the computer worked fine in the morning and then she came back to it frozen and it hasnt worked since then.

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    Try starting XP in Safe Mode and then system restoring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirupa
    Try starting XP in Safe Mode and then system restoring.

    Gotta love safe mode

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    When the computer is booting, keep hitting the F8 key. You should then be able to choose to boot into "Safe Mode with Networking." Your system should load up this time (although the color/resolution settings will probably be very low). Hopefully, you'll be able to get onto the internet after this.

    1. Download stinger and run it:

    2. Go to and run their antivirus/spyware scans.

    3. Go to Start --> Run. Type "msconfig" and hit enter. Click on the startup tab. Deselect everything (you can later add the stuff you want back in...this is a quick fix). Click on the services tab. Check the box "hide all microsoft services." Deselct anything here that looks suspicious (you can later add this stuff back in too).

    4. If you can, go to and get the latest versions of "Adaware" and "Spybot Search and Destroy." Install these (I can never remember if you can install stuff in safe mode), update them, and then run scans with them.

    5. Reboot regularly. Hopefully, Windows should load properly.

    6. If things seem to be working, go back into "msconfig" and readd all the services/startup apps that you want.


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    thanks for the info...I got ya threw step 3 but I am not sure if I erase that stuff I will know what to add back in...see I really dont know anything other then what fester taught me for a few years about computers and although all that info sounds very helpful...I dont have the faintest idea!

    I will see what of that I can figure out and kepp ya update if it worked or not

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    Strange and unusual...
    You could always start in safe mode and disable all things that start with the computer. In Msconfig go to startup or Boot... It's one of the last two.
    I don't use Windows on my home computer so I can't go check.

    Just disable everything.
    Then boot normally and open msconfig from her account again.
    Check if anything weird is starting up and if so find it and kill it (delete).
    If not then just keep starting up little things at a time and rebooting.
    Start with what you know and later on ask her if the names there sound like anything she has installed. What she doesn't notice not opening is obviously not necessary and you shouldn't put it into startup again.

    Optionally you could always go over to and download, burn and install the appropriate cd for your moms computer and forget about it's existence.
    I got bored...

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    You wont destroy the system by disabling the services. You can always enable them again.

    In the event Windows is toast and you have to format, the drive should still be fine to connect to another computer as a slave drive to pull the files off and backup.

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    I just dont know how to disable and then enable them again...thats all. explain how to do that exactly in english terms and I should be good...

    thanks guys

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    when you type "msconfig" into run it launches a dialog box.

    There are multiple tabs. Click the tab called "services"

    Each service has a checkbox. Checked is enable and unchecked is disable. There is also an option to enabls/disable all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fester8542
    In the event Windows is toast and you have to format, the drive should still be fine to connect to another computer as a slave drive to pull the files off and backup.
    That's what I would do. It's the fastest and most reliable way, unless you don't want to risk physically harming your hard drive.

    Or always use a linux distro like ubuntu or knoppix to boot up. (but in order to back up your files onto CD, you need 2 CD-r drives, b/c ubuntu and knoppix run live from disk)


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    So I started in safe mode, disabled everything and then ran the housecall antivirus stuff..I could not get into the other one) then I ran ad-aware and cleaned out all of that crap as well. I deleted all the little icons off of screen and deleted them from the recycle bin (because the first time they came back!) and I restarted.

    The machine restarted but I still get the windows error that the computer has a spyware virus. The screen comes up with icones bt there is a big box in the middle that says spyware infection and that the computer is infected.

    I went to add/remove programs took out everything that looked weird and it would not let me remove one of the parts to an old version of mcaffee and the new mcafee software wont let me install it without removing that program....

    I also tried to do a system restore back to a few different dates but it tells me everytime that it could not restore the system because there has been no changes...

    Did I screw something up? I have not enabled everything again becuase I wont let my mother go any where near the machine. Any other suggestions? Can she get her information like tax records etc.. of off there and onto disk in safe mode?

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    Can she get her information like tax records etc.. of off there and onto disk in safe mode?
    She should be able to. If they're small enough files, you could just put them on floppy disks. If she has a lot of stuff, you could just try burning a cd (not sure if you can do this in safe mode as I have never tried) or if you have an external hard drive or usb pen drive you could try hooking those up (although, again, I'm not sure if these things would work in safe mode as I have never tried). Finally, if you have access to some webspace, you could try uploading her files to a server somewhere.

    If you were wondering how I usually save data off of a hdd before a format, it involves hooking up an extra internal hard drive through your "cd-rom channel" and copying the files from the first hard drive to the extra hard drive. This is probably a little beyond you (not to sound rude).

    The following is a list of files that people usually like to save, but sometimes forget to tell us to save:

    1. Everything in My Documents (including My Pictures and My Music)
    2. Internet Explorer Favorites
    3. Outlook Emails
    4. Outlook Address Book

    Good Luck


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    Wow, what website did she visit??? And Im afraid I cannot be of any assitence, these guys got u covered I hope... best of luck! [B] - My New Portfolio - The Blog Gallery

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