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Thread: Squid Stamp

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    Squid Stamp

    My first stamp

    And yes, I did draw the squid myself
    Last edited by applejelly; November 18th, 2005 at 10:42 AM.

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    I LOVE IT! That looks great!

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    wow, thanks man

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    Thats awsome Apple Jelly, looks so nice & retro

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    cool lookin squid ya got there

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    It actually reminds me of those socks that they make that are all different colors that have the little spot for your toes!

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    lol! I see what you mean

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    that's so cute!!!

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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
    Nice .
    Proud Montanadian
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    Maybe getTimer() or TweenMax is the answer to your problem . . .

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