Hi! Anybody knows how to dynamically load a HTML file into Flash 5? I can load a text file with HTML tags, but I just wondered if its possible to load *.html into my site.

One more thing, my site loads all its text from external txt files, which I load with the following ActionScript.

loadVariables ("*.txt", "/");

The thing is, the browser loads this file into the user's computer, and whenever I update the info in my *.txt file, the user's computer assumes that it is the same file, so, it always displays outdated info. Is there anyway to make Flash check the 'last updated' field of the file so that it will download the latest file into the user's browser's cache?

One last thingy, is it possible to use text formatting, i.e, justifying all the text in the dynamic file field?

Pls help, thanks!