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    what is the best way to load the main page of a site after the intro is over ??

    in other words, i have a preloader that loads the intro, then after it is played, the main page of the site should load.

    is there a way to call that main page after the intro is over ??
    or should i put both the intro and the main page in the same SWF file ??

    (all site pages are done with MX)

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    design your world
    no you can just tell flash to go get the file.
    on the last frame of your intro put this code
    PHP Code:
    onEnterFrame = function () {
    getURL ("main.html"_blank);

    replace the words main.html with your file's name and change _blank to what you want your target frame to be ... and you should be in business

    hope this helps

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    to shuga

    hey shuga,

    i forgot to say that all my pages are with chromless.

    should put this code:
    on (release) {
    getURL("javascript:openIT4FLASH('main.html',700,50 0,null,null,'mywinname01');");

    here is how it goes:

    "start.html" has "start.swf", and includes an "enter" button. (this page is a normal HTML page).

    then, this enter button, opens a normal HTML page (_self). this page is "intro.html" that has "intro.swf".

    now, after "intro.swf" is done, i want it to launch "home.html" which has "home.swf" , BUT in chromless.

    i hope u got the big picture, any advice now ??

    thanks buddy.

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    design your world
    make a blank movieclip and put it in it's own layer on the last frame of your animation

    attatch this code to the blank movieclip

    PHP Code:
    onClipEvent (load) {

    let me know if that works

    note: for some reason the forum is editing my java code so where you see the word about ... put javascript there

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    yep , it worked smoothly but i had to change the code a bit and add a " for the _self.

    thanks a lot man, thank u very much ...

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    design your world
    you're very welcome
    glad i could be of assistance

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