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Thread: Flash Design Request :: = $$$

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    Flash Design Request :: = $$$

    Flash Request:

    Well, since I am looking for a flash header I decided to post here before the other forums I post at. I am giving you all the chance to make some cash before I add my request to other forums.

    If people create some flash logos using this provided picture or your own, then the money will be going to the best flash design that I choose. You can do anything to the logo if you would like, Remember: You can use your own picture as well rather than ours if you would like, just make sure they are the same dimensions. ( 760 px 102 px )

    I don't need anything too too fancy, but Here are some headers that I like how they use some of the effects. ( oviously I am not expecting anything this good ) But you can always suprise me Just be creative, do your best, I will be fairly picky to what I like and don't like.

    You can provide as many enteries as you would like.




    If anyone can make 3D Rotating Letters / Graphic using SWIFT 3D Please come up with something with the letters ID - with a catchy graphic representing our company. I will pay $10.00 + USD.

    Please Include:

    + Company Name : ID Studios ( Intelligence Design )
    + On / Off music button
    + A few lines of catchy text explaining our company : ( graphic, web design, and soon flash design )


    1st. $50.00 USD

    If the logo is outstanding...

    1st.** $60.00++ USD + Hosting.

    Thanks guys! Good luck.



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    Here is a background you can use for the logo, unless you can use / create something beter.

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    Dont get me wrong here.... but you are a 'design' firm subbing out the design for your own site to a "random" forum?? Hmmmmm.


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    Originally posted by Ryall
    Dont get me wrong here.... but you are a 'design' firm subbing out the design for your own site to a "random" forum?? Hmmmmm.

    Ryall, I am starting a design company, but I am looking for a flash designer to hire. but i am learning as well...

    I am an advanced designer in adobe photoshop , 3D Max, fireworks, and dreamweaver... I am new to Flash.

    Thanks for the reply though
    Just thought I would clear that up.


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    If anyone is interested in entering but has not said so, please do so I know if this is going to happen or not, because yaxay has many designers that will do this as well.

    Thanks guys!

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    so.. how much time 've we got?

    Member #1 of the "Don't message me your flash questions" cult

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    Hmm.. well I guess a few days I will leave the contest open, but if anyone comes up with anything good enough tonight that I would like to buy, i might just close the contest tonight because I need to get my site up as soon as possible. I would love to launch tonight.


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    Law's Avatar
    stop in the name of law
    I'm interested in entering.

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    alright cool , spread the word

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    trev - give me your pics - i'll see what i can do...

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    Originally posted by fluid_0ne
    trev - give me your pics - i'll see what i can do...
    Fluid, I supplied a background in post # 2... but dont forget, creativity wins so if you can come up with your own, or find a better picture thats more eye appealing, then go for it!


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    i'll try...

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    Good luck

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    Does anyone think they will have enteries to show tonight?

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