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Thread: New web company seeking graphic designer

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    New web company seeking graphic designer

    Tribal Studios is seeking a talented graphic designer to help establish a new web consulting company. Currently a part-time venture, we are looking for someone interested in either becoming an employee or contractor to help take it full time.

    The ideal candidate would be someone who currently has a full-time job but is looking for a way to escape their cubicle and be their own boss. You know who you are. An entrepreneurial spirit is a definite plus, and an awesome portfolio helps too.

    If you'd like more information about the company or myself, please respond to this post or send a PM.


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    I'm very interested! I'm stuck in a cubicle!!!! And I'm very held back!!


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    What's your location. Do you have a site we could see?

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    No, not at the moment. One of the first tasks the designer will assist us with will be establishing the look of the company, part of which includes the website.

    We are currently located in Richmond, VA but this position is open to telecommuting.

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    do you have any clients yet, or are you starting from scratch?

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    Well i don't have a gathered portfolio yet...its in the works, but here are some links of a few different works of mine. - flash design - business card design, css - flash design, in-progress - flash design, not being currently used - css design - customized blog - flash design, currently not being used

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    Totally starting from scratch. It'll be great

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    hey i am absolutely interested.....

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    very interested here...cant find any contact info from can reach me thru: (YM)


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    Thank you for your inquiries - I'll be responding to everyone shortly.

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    Hey blcarson, whatever happened to this? -
    If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.

    "Are you doing anything tonight? If not, how about me?"

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    I apologize for not updating that thread - we got some great submissions but ultimatly our final candidate dropped out of contact and we were unable to complete the project.

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    Thank you for your submissions - we have found our designer :o)

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