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Thread: Mod your N64!

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    its funny you guys are mentioning this now as The ScreenSavers on Tech TV will be airing "How To Mod Xbox" specials

    Kevin's Xbox mods

    Monday, March 31: Install an Xbox mod chip
    Before you can truly unleash the power of the Xbox, you need to install a mod chip. Mod chips allow your Xbox to run unsigned code, which makes it possible to run all types of third-party applications.

    Tuesday, April 1: EvolutionX
    Now that the mod chip is installed, it's time to start making some changes. EvolutionX is the most popular Xbox dashboard replacement. It turns your Xbox into a FTP/Telnet server.

    Coming Soon

    Increase storage
    The Xbox's current hard drive just isn't going to cut it. We need space! Space to backup your games, MP3s, movies, and more. Time to slap in a 120GB Maxtor hard drive.

    Xbox Media Player
    You have media, now let your Xbox play it. How about playing DivX, XVID, WMA, WMV, ASF, BivX, MPEG4, MPEG2, VOB, AVI, ShoutCast, Icecast, and MP3s, all on your Xbox? We'll show you how.

    Back those games up
    You never know when you might accidentally scratch an Xbox game disc. It's time to back them up, put them away, and run them from your hard drive.
    check it out at,00.html

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    Sure and Asilin, i am going to be painting an old controler soon. then if i werk up the balls i will paint my box, but i dont want to crack the case, cause then no warenty...but i am having some problems with it so what i might do is call them, have them give me a new one, but while i am waiting buy another new one or something and then crack open the free one...
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    I Heart Microsoft
    dippy, dude.

    I'm buying a used one. So long as it reads, I'm okay with it. At this flea market thing there's an xbox just waiting for me to buy it, but I don't have the cash on me.

    200 canadian, comes with DVD kit (somethin I was going to buy anyways) a controller (another thing I'd buy anyways.)

    50 cdn for the dvd kit, 30 cdn for the controller. That makes it basically 120 cdn for a perfectly good box.

    I'm not much for currency translations, but I'm gonna go with 80 U.S.

    That's a pretty good deal.
    For something I'm gonna rip open.

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    I Heart Microsoft
    My first xbox did break. Did I say that? Lol. I brought it back to walmart and got the Adrenaline pack, so now I have Halo and Amped. Sorta glad it broke.
    If you're having a disc read error, check to see if it's only the silver bottom disks that aren't working. That's what hapenned to me. Ghost Recon (gold bottom) worked fine. MK annihalation didn't. I think MechAssault was also silver bottom, cause it didn't work.

    I think I can mod my N64. I can figure SOMETHING out.

    Maybe I should just try soldering wires into my SNES. Just to test it out. Maybe replace the sliding switch with an arcade-style button. heheh.

    Worth trying. I guess.


    Huge fan of screensavers myself. My ScreenSavers newsletter got me back in the box-modding mood.

    Unfortunately, my satellite is down. Getting the card done tomorrow, so hopefully I'll catch part three. All the stuff is on their site anyways. rules. Thanks ScreenSavers!
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    People actually wnat to mod that piece of crap N64?!

    That's the whole reason I started hating Nintendo... Ugh.. I hated that system...

    But to mod an X-Box... I think it would be cool if I had a spare one lying around.. But not my baby.. hehe

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    I Heart Microsoft
    I can't wait to buy another and give it a 120 gig drive.

    I've been waiting for an affordable PC to just leave in my room, and if this isn't affordable, then what the hell is?

    Plus, there's so many great things you can do with it! I can't wait. oh man.

    just check out
    if you're anything like me, you'll be looking through your drawers to find spare cash to buy a used box.

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    I Heart Microsoft
    I'm suprised nobody has said "I know a 64 mod!" yet. Stupid... nobody... .... I should mod my N64.

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