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Thread: Random stuff

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    Random stuff

    Comments ?

    Comments ?

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    Did you make that? Looks pimp.

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    Offcourse i made it :/

    why would i else post it in here ?

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    lol, good question, I have just never seen your work before, do you have a portfolio? Looks really cool.

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    hehe. im rarely in here

    portfolio you say ?

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    woah.. nice !

    How ... what.... got any tutes?

    Member #1 of the "Don't message me your flash questions" cult

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    Nope. i have always learned by trying :/
    maybe i could make some tuts if it had some interrest in here ?

    well ?

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    Thats rad. Did you use apothesis?

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    no the above image is all brushing... and a image of a guitar offcourse

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    home cooking is killing the restaurant industry
    Donnie Darko pwns!
    There are only 10 kinds of people in this world:
    Those that might know ternary, those that do, and those that don't
    Say NO to DRM.

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    That's some sweet brushing. Did you make or download?

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    Make... or use my own brushes

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    That's sweet dude. I love it.

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