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Thread: Flash 8 Online Examples Roundup

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    Flash 8 Online Examples Roundup

    Flash 8 Examples
    You will need Flash Player 8 to view these examples

    If you have examples or know links to examples of Flash 8 at work, post them below and they will be added to the list.

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  3. #3 Added lots of flash 8 goodness here, like MTASC compiling and interactive video method examples

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    Nice, thanks!
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    uhhhh, it keeps on asking to install flash player 7, even though i already clicked install once when i visited other page, why?

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    You need Flash 8

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    even after downloading 8, there's still something wrong, "things" don't show up

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    Did you restart your browser (or computer)?

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  9. Added

    the top red clock actually uses nothing new for flash 8, but i thought it looked cool, it uses text as a mask over a pattern.

    the second one is made from filters from flash 8, the glow, blur, and drop shadow effects.

    this is my first expirement, it was fun

    so i'm also thinking about making parts of my personal site flash8 only, and using a tester to see the version they have and have options for them to download flash 8 to see the new cool stuff. and maybe do this on some of the fun sites i do, have extra stuff for flash 8 player users, but still have the site viewable in lower versions, so this could help promote flash 8 to my users. what does everyone think?

  10. time to spread the word.
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    i think im in love with flash 8

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    Coming and going.
    I'm too lazy to download the beta, someone describe the effects

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexir
    I'm too lazy to download the beta, someone describe the effects
    Lots of shadows and blurring and image warping - things often associated with Java applets. Mostly just fancy effects. This version will definitely push Flash in terms of visual effects.

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    I'm looking forward to this release, my site can definately benifit from the blur... see. You all thought I was procrastinating... but I knew F8 would improve my site... yea... that's it.
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    I always knew you had some information the rest of us didn't.
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