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Thread: Level Of Professionalism

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    I'm sorry to hear that a few bad 'apples' ruined the whole orchard for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krilnon
    I'm sorry to hear that a few bad 'apples' ruined the whole orchard for you
    You can't blaim him though... I totally agree what has been said here. Atleast have the GUTS to inform your client/"boss" that things aren't going as planned... Just out of respect!
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    Yeah I've found that the same problem occurs in "real life".

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    maybe not respect but common courtesy and good manners.

    Employer sometimes wants to make a bit more money and hires someone whoose good but not used to agency life (timetables, briefs, project manager directions) and is not familiar with time=money relationship. The blame is (in my opinion) in the middle. Employer could hire someone good, with lots of experience and and a bit pricy if he wants a project to look and feel good. Chosen designer (experienced or not) has to comply with all the rules and at least try to do a god job, if not he will be renown as a effin wanker and finding a new job will be harder than usual ;]
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    Sorry to hear that Darius.

    Ah well. There are plenty of other suckers around here...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Liammc
    How have you came around this problem, as in what alternate methods are you using?

    It is a shame when a few slackers put a bad name on others, who are willing to work hard for whatever reason.
    I did about 5 sites this year from he months Jan - April and 2 were very big ones both for reputable companies andI have no shame in naming them they were called Allkare and the other was MotoBB, basically they kept contact then when payment was required with Allkare they went ead I ring and they say they will tell so and so to ring but he never does and with motobb he rings me saying that he and his partner have parted ways thus the business is no more and I'm like "and....??!!".

    To cut it short I'm at uni and to be honest I have little money for myself and I just couldn't be bothered spending it to get money which probably wouldn't payfor the legal fees so I just thought I don't need this **** with my exams and stuff on so I dropped it

    On a brighter note I have a job interview for a part time web developer/media boy for an accountancy frim this monday so every cloud and all that

    Wish me luck

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    Good luck!

    (And you should put in your contract that your client is responsible for any costs involved in retrieving your money)
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    Now I have not looked to see if this exists already, but could there not be a forum here for rating both freelancers and employers? This is not a perfect solutions, but if you saw someone, be that employer or freelancer, was getting alot of bad reviews, you could at least steer clear.

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    Isnt it fun, now that this thread is back to life again. That Darius said he wont employ anyone from kF again and now he is

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    Yeah that would be awesome to have a rating system/feedback for both employers and freelancers.

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    Pretty boy - I agree with what you are saying. Although I am sure many here have high levels of professionalism, it is not only at kirupa that this might happen. Small story- I was contacted this week by someone asking me to do a site and the budget was huge for me £4000. Unfortunately I could not take on the project because it involved database interaction with the website. I have only just started learning this stuff so I made it clear that I could not help out the client but what I did was look around for reputable companies and put her in touch with those. The reason she came to me was that a local web company near to her had let her down completely - saying they could not complete the project. So it's not just here where deadlines, projects are not met, it can happen with companies that advertise in yellow pages. Word of mouth is a good indication of whether or not a person or company will complete a project.
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    Of course it would be great to have something like a rating system for both the employers and freelancers. Feedbacks should be allow also...
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    Agreed with Salvador. Unnecessary to not employ people from here, it's a cross section like any other; be prudent in those you pick, and do some 'presearch' on names here and their prior dealings.

    Strangely enough, this kind of thing happens in the real world too.

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    I must say I am very satisfied with employers I found here
    only one let me down, but basiclly I got into good friendship with almost everyone

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    only one let me down

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