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Thread: value in learning AE? / tutorials

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    value in learning AE? / tutorials

    i have recently being exposed to several projects and sites that have used amazing AE to create some nice effects...furthermore, the potential to create video productions with such effects is also there.

    however, my question to everyone is:

    is it really worth the time and effort to learn AE? i mean, lets put aside the idea of learning it for the idea of learning something and for the love of the art...monetarily, is it worth it? does it pay back in projects and jobs?

    and if you think it isnt worth it, what technology would you vote as being the next most important thing to learn?

    thoughts? opinions?

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    clients think that **** is all hard. AE is not as hard but will make clients think u can produce toy story

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    Well, it depends on what your current experience is.
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    AE will definatley give you more 'shock' effects and thus will improve your media work....but AE from my experience is used more in high end projects, although its easy in AE to just apply one pretty nice effect, pros will spend weeks creating 10 sec effects hence why its used in high end projects.

    I think its - check their site out and their clips, now they would of taken a lot of time to create.

    Theres definatley money involved but its a question of "who would pay more to have this in their media project???" the answer is I don't know, unless it was a realllllllll nice effect

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    Well it's always nice to learn it fully... I'd never use Premiere for the projects I'd do but skip to AE directly... It depends what your job is.

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    Well, it counts first of all that you are learning something new. Then the fact that you impress your boss or your clients. And yeah, a bit of AE might enhance a site, even a commercial one, if done and positioned properly (and not overloading the page with effects). Then, if you go deeper into learning it, you'll discover the scripting part of AE, which is really breath-taking

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    Quote Originally Posted by ditt0
    Then, if you go deeper into learning it, you'll discover the scripting part of AE, which is really breath-taking
    Not as breath taking as the PS one ... Very cool when coupled with the 3d effects though ! Like using object rotation and stuff.

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    isn't the scripting in AE just a slightly modified javascript?? I did some a long time ago to script some movement of lights..I remember it being identical to js apart from a few things.

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    It is based on Javascript, just like Flash actionscript is.

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    yeah expressions are very cool and can be very simple, some expressions just need a pickwip and thats it.

    AE is a great tool to learn and can really help you emphasis a motion effect that is just not just possible in flash and could be tedious trying in photoshop in regards to webdesign. As many people say After Effects is basically photoshop on steriods, I agree with this but i like to think of it as photoshop with the ability to apply effect over time. So After Effects is basically photoshop with a timeline and ability to keyframed controls with almost all available editable function with filters, masks, ect..

    Outside of webdesign you can use it to composite 3d scenes and footage, develop tv advertising and even create hardcore effects for 2dprint.

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    i agree with everyone as they are saying that it definitely takes your development game to the next question there. i guess i dont quite know how much time and effort it takes to learn AE to make it worthwhile...if it'll take me the same amount of time as it did learning flash, then its worth it, but if it's something like 3D studio then i might think twice.

    the second question that i had posted and wanted to know...

    what would you vote as being the next important technology/language/program to learn? or maybe list of things to is mine so far:

    1. Photoshop
    2. HTML
    3. CSS
    4. Javascript
    5. Flash
    6. PHP (MySQL)
    7. ...still thinking.

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    AE tutorials - help

    any tutorial sites for learning AE (complete beginner in this program)?
    i know a little premier (which will hopefully help) and i know flash and photoshop too..

    btw, i posted a thread in the Random area about AE, lets see what people think in this forum...

    how hard is it to learn AE?
    how useful do you think AE is (is it worthwhile learning)?
    would you recommend learning something else instead that you would consider more useful? (my list of things that I think everyone should learn - photoshop, html, css, javascript, flash, php, and im thinking of what else...)


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    AE is a personal fav of mine, I got a suite sitting in my home office and my boss hates that i prefer the "comforts" of home, It was definately worth my time to learn and has paid off. There is alot to learn tho, when your starting from scratch i strongly advise tut books, and just work with it everyday, 3 hours a day (in my case 6 or so) do understand what it can do.
    I have often used AE as titling and graphic work for commercial, industrial and indy works, you CAN get deeper into it and incorporate wicked effects in anything that you do. as a media artist i feel that ANYTHING new that is learned that enhances your ability to produce whatever the client wants a visa commercial...but if you got the time and energy to do nike...enjoy!

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    Flame me all you want, but what in the world is AE, I know it as American Eagle...

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