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Thread: Random Worms

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    Random Worms

    This effect has 2 worms moving randomly about the scene, by adding a random angle from x to -x when using trigonometric movement. ex: x=speed*Math.cos(Math.PI/180*angle); Please feel free to critique!

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    hmmm...a little boring for me...stick with your other entry!

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    Ya I like my other entry better also. If only this one wasn't so cpu intensive, so I could add a few more worms and mathematical effects.

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    Looks really nice freeskier89! Please attach just your_effect.swf file without the border and such also

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    I really like it, but I think you should make them lighter and add more

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    Alright will do, but the your_effect.swf does not simply work with the template. In the attachment process of the movieClips you must specify _root.effect.attachMovie(...) instead of just the normal _root.attachMovie(...) because I believe that in your template you are loading the movie to a container. I will make a seperate standalone file without the border and such! I will send an FLA if that would help with this discrepancy.

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    Hey, I like it. I'm interested in mimicing realistic motion and behavior. Do you think you could write a tutorial on how to make it? or share the source file?

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    Ya sure spacemunkay. I'll write tutorial on it soon possibly in a few days and then make sure to let you know!

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    Seems quite bland to me
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    Finally, spacemunkay and to others whom it may concern. Here is a word document for the tutorial, some time I will put it into html format. Tell me if something in the code does not work or you need a different format of the file. It should though!
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    Here, I have updated the worms and now there are a few more of them because I optimized them a bit! (see attachment above) They are a bit lighter also.

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    Added Fla!
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