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Thread: Form - wont send the email

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    Form - wont send the email

    Hi Guys,

    Ive created a form before and it has always worked. Im using the same server and the same script. I have changed all necessary fields on the formmail script. It redirects when yo uhit submit so obviously it finds the script, but it is just not emailing the content of the form to the email address.

    Any ideas why? Sooooo stressed!!!!!!!!

    Here is the form

    thansk for ur help!!

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    whats the code your using ?

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    The form doesn't help, we need to see the Perl-script...

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    Hey guys,

    Attached is the script!

    If you want the user name and password to the site i can email it to you.
    Thanks for yuor help so far!
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    What is the problem? Do you get any e-mail at all? Have you checked the documentation?

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    is your smtp server installed.. ??? ppl sometimes forget this when installing a webserver....

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    i have the same pb , is there any extension which i can use with dreamweaverMX ?

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    I dnt get any email at all, but it does go to the "redirect" page which to me means it is actually getting to the script.

    "is your smtp server installed" How do you do that? I never had to do it before on these servers, so i don't see how i would have to? How do you check?

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    Try to send mail to yourself using a Perl or a PHP script. If you get the mail, it's installed. Other than that, just check your settings. Matt's form mailer works, it's been used by thousands of people, so the problem is either with your server or your settings.

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    Ok i have done that, the mail works through the php script.

    So it means it must be my formMail script?

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    Yep, looks like there's something wrong with your configuration. But if you have PHP, it's a lot easier to code a simple form-mailer in PHP than try to repair the Perl script.

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    Hi all , Finlay i have found a solution , software which create php script to your form and also give all the function as u like .i would recommend to any beginners like me its '' form to go'' download form

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    i like phpbb... beter

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