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Thread: Simple Text Scoller I

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    Simple Text Scoller I

    I'm going to build some more versions but this is the first one. THere's a working exsample on my site of the scroller.

    	ymouse = _root._ymouse;
    	ysimbol = _root.scrollsimsim._y;
    	yval = (ysimbol-ymouse);
    	hhval = _root.scrollsimsim._height/2;
    	hhvaln = _root.scrollsimsim._height/-2;
    	dial = yval+hhval;
    	scrollvalue = Math.round(dial/hhval);
    	if( hhvaln <= dial ){
    		if ( hhval >= dial ){	
    			this.scrollme.scroll += scrollvalue;
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