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Thread: Zelda Stamp

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    Zelda Stamp

    Yet another for the night, just throwin stuff together. Hope you enjoy.
    EDIT: I need a good font for that legend part
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    The Z in Zelda seems a bit too hard to read. Have you considered using a more top-down view of Zelda from a game like Link to the Past? That might work better.

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    another one?!?! hahahhahahha

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    That is the sprite of link walking right, this one is a WIP, got some font and organization issues. Thanks for the condtructive feedback RadioactiveChimp *sarcasm*. Thanks Kman.

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    alright sorry man. I got an idea, why don't you make one with just link, that would be nice

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    It all good man. Just link would be cool, how do I get PS:CS to not antialias it when I amke it bigger?

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    use a lower quality when you output it, or play around with the contrast a bit

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    Good idea, a project for tomarrow. *Goes to sleep, reads clock "1:00"*

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