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Thread: changing content within swf using PHP

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    changing content within swf using PHP

    Is it possible to change the content of an array within a SWF using a PHP script and not using a Third-Party software? I've been told that it's achievable, but have no idea how to do it.

    P.s I don't want to use Ming...


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    Sure, what do you need help with
    a. Writing the array in PHP
    b. loading it into flash?

    Give this a read to get you started

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    Thanks for helping me out

    ..a bit of both I guess...

    Read through the tut (Thanks for that, it's very good.) and now I just wonder if this is possible:

    can I have a html form which users fill in e.g. add a number of words; then these words are sent to the server where the swf is saved (as a text file?), and replaces the array inside it. Sounds tricky...any clue if this can be done?

    Really appreciate you helping me!


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    Does anyone else knwo how this can be done


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    you should use a databse for this.

    html form ----> database ----> dynamic text file (php) ----> your flash movie

    enter the data into the database, than load the data at runtime into your flash file. You can doe this with plain text or an xml file.
    You should find plenty of tutorials on kirupa for this.

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    Cheers teiz77, I'll try that!

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