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Thread: ASP VS....

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    All the small things!

    ASP VS....

    Hey everyone, I have been using (learning) asp for about 1.5 months now, and was wondering, is ASP or PHP better to learn? Is ASP kind of dieing at this point? Also what about Access databases? Are they worthwhile and should I learn another database type? If so please let me know what you guys prefer!

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    if you're going to learn asp I would look into I think good ol' asp have had its top. PHP definately has a bright future, also the multi-platform compatibility is a very good feature.
    Also for serious applications acces is not really a good option. Performance and reliablity is very poor in production environments. MySQL ( for PHP ) or Microsoft SQL server ( for asp(.net) ) are serious options.

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    ^^^ could also use Oracle as an even further serious option for databases.

    If you are learning ASP stop now and learn ASP.NET, unfortunatley you are learning a language that is old - I hear good things of ASP.NET though.

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    All the small things!
    so learn PHP? Or not? and is ASP compatible with these other database types at all?

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    asp and are compatible with any of these database types... don't worry about that. The link in one of the posts above explains some of the major differences between the languages and why you should choose for a certain type.

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    I started my programming career (somewhat reluctantly) about 5 years ago and was swept away by VB, VBScript and subsequently ASP. It was great and I built a lot of applications that successfully employed ASP and MS Access to deliver dynamic content. A lot of those apps are still humming away quite nicely right to this day, to be honest. At the same time, however, those sites receive very little traffic and have quite serious security flaws. ASP is pretty easy to code and aids in rapid application development but, yes, if you're going to stick with it you have to learn The .net platform is streaks ahead and transforms a relatively simple language into a full-blown OOP platform in which you can use a number of languages (and which can be very confusing if you're new to this kinda stuff).

    I then had a revelation about 6 months ago when I was forced to develop some web apps using PHP (incidently, I was linking them to Flash). At first I found the PHP syntax pretty unintuitive and difficult. "Gimme Windows and VB," I pleaded. But after a few weeks it all became clear... and it is fantastic! No more dropped or fiddly database connections, blistering fast and robust MySQL communication (if you've got a good host), excellent database manipulation features and a whole lot more. 6 months on I would never go back to plain old ASP (and I'm just not guru enough to go to so I'd recommend PHP wholeheartedly. Another thing you may just find is that all of a sudden your Javascript and Actionscript skills improve dramatically as well (I did!).

    Cheers and good luck from a recent PHP convert

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    I've been a ASP developer for 5 years and I would say, learn PHP or ASP.NET...the org ASP is in the out and 75% of all sites run on PHP

    As for databases I hate access, if you learn SQL you'll have an understanding of all databases (MySQL and SQL are almost identical)

    Mind you if you want jobs to look for you rather than the other way round, learn Java
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    All the small things!
    Hey thanks everyone for the info! I'll probably get on to learning PHP soon especially if it will help my actionscripting skills And I just got a good book on PHP and mySQL (using them together, etc.). THANKS!

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