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Thread: Encode video to .flv on upload...

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    Encode video to .flv on upload...

    Is there a way I could allow users to upload videos to my server and then have those videos automagically™ be converted to .flv?

    I could then create a flash video player and users could upload videos in any format and they could dynamically go to the player...

    Has anyone done this? Are there any open source tools for this? If you were to try this what would you do?


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    If you're on a Windows based server, or have a windows box that can map a samba share from your unix server, you can use something like Sorenson Compression Suite's watch-folder to automagically generate .flvs from uploaded content.

    You may also be able to run it on a unix box through wine, I'm not sure.

    Somebody may have better ideas, but that's mine : )

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    That is what I was guessing to be the best solution (which in most cases is the most obvious)...

    Thanks. Anyone know of a way to do it on upload?

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    i don't think that's possible. Why would you want that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teiz77
    i don't think that's possible. Why would you want that?
    I would really like to start a 'skateboard community' style site where users can upload videos, which are then converted to flv to play in a flash player web app. This way users are not having to deal with three different formats and a plethora of different codecs.

    If you guys wanted to give users the ability to upload videos and have them be databatized and indexed for searching, how would you do it? Especially if you wanted the site to use only a certain media format?


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    I'd rather go with abit more common media type and player type... I'd probably let the users upload common files like AVI or MPEG and use NON Flash version player which can play those file types... At least for now...
    CyanBlue / Jason Je / Flash Developer

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    yeah... all these files are supported as a browser plugin...

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    FLV compatible flash plugin has the highest penetration of any browser plugin -- obviously if you can't find a solution that works for you for encoding the FLV's, it's not possible. But from the end-user standpoint I find it the most attractive personally : )

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    Macromedia still need to do some more/better work to make sure that it becomes more easy to create the FLV files... Other than that, yeah... I agree with petefs...
    CyanBlue / Jason Je / Flash Developer

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    I host some website on a server... for different clients. My biggest nightmare is some client decoding video on the fly on my server. And so eating all the resources available. That plugin will never be made, and no host will ever install/allow it.
    So if you ever want to use this concept you'll have to get your own server.
    It is true that flash has a high market share, but flash video is only really playable on a windows pc (all other platforms run sluggish, for instance apple macintosh). The most compatible way is to let user download the movies (preferably mpg movies) and play it with their player of choice.

    in other words STREAMING VIDEO IS STILL A PAIN IN THE ***!

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    Thanks for all your comments. Looks like if this could be done without killing a server someone could make some moolah!

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    FLV looks good on a Mac too. I know it as I have been doing tons of things with FLV on Mac.

    Though, I guess you figured out by now that it can be done but eats the server's capacity in close to any case.
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