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Thread: Anyone with POS experience??

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    Anyone with POS experience??

    Hey guys... Im setting up a POS [Point Of Sale] system for a client... anyone ever done this before? The business is a new specialty shop.

    I've looked at stuff by AP and POSitive Basic..... they both look like decent software... anyway, by some random chance, does anyone here have any experience with this?


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    ive used plenty of them before...if you need help testing it im all game

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    um, no... I need experience with specific equipment, software, and setups... maybe someone who's opened some retail stores... I guess thats a big fat NO... it was a long shot asking here anyway, oh well my search continues


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    Sorry, I know nothing about it

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    whats a POS system?
    Jerez_z Prime
    jStudios - Yay google pages! God I'm Lazy....

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    Point Of Sale... its what ever you use to ring up customers and store transaction and customer data.... this can be as advanced as a calculator, a pen, pad and shoebox for cash..... OR, something more along the lines of what I am doing which is a PC based system, that uses laser scanners to count and updte inventory, maintain ordering status from vendors, manage customer accounts, run special customer groups (club members w/special privs)... and basically do all the books for the place.

    So yeah, a POS is anything that manages your point of sale in a retail environment.


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    well...learn something new every day
    Jerez_z Prime
    jStudios - Yay google pages! God I'm Lazy....

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    Glad I could help


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    here's another tid-bit... it looks like it is going to cost about $5,000.00!! (US) to set up the main register (just one station, albeit the main one)... I love spending other peoples money on cool technology!


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