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Thread: Open Source Portal Server

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    Open Source Portal Server


    Does anyone had used an open source portal server? I'm searching for any good recomendations.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rafusmx

    Does anyone had used an open source portal server? I'm searching for any good recomendations.

    If you don't find any here, I think that might help you.. they are PHP only... they might have a clue.

    // Paul

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    I'm using Mambo ( for my site(s)

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    mmm... mambo is a content manager, not a portal server, but thanks!!

    I'll check PHP forum

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    What is 'portal server'???
    CyanBlue / Jason Je / Flash Developer

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    I'm not the portal specialist of my work team, but I will try to explain...

    mmm... where to start?

    In order to explain what is a portal server we need to define a portal. If you have an e-mail account in yahoo, take a good look on "my yahoo". A portal is a web application where you should be able to have a series of services reunited on the same location, authentification, news, message boards, e-mail services, calendars, etc. It sounds pretty much like a common web site, but when you have to manage a lot of services that should be required for your users a portal server does a good part of the hard work administrating the services you had implemented.

    Going back to the "my yahoo" example, if you take your time to play with your configuration you should be able to change some settings, and play with the services that will be displayed on your "My Yahoo" screen. The portal server makes this possible
    without having to work during days coding policies for the management and use of the services.

    Maybe I have some wrong concepts about it, but I hope that this helps you to understand a little about it.

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    Thanks for the explanation...

    In that sense, yes... Mambo is a simple CMS that sorta mimicks what you are looking for and so is PHP Forum...

    I am sure there are some out there... Please let us know what you find... Thanks...
    CyanBlue / Jason Je / Flash Developer

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