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Thread: [PHP] Word Wrap Source Code

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    [PHP] Word Wrap Source Code

    Is there a way to word wrap source code in PHP? I'm withdrawing information from a database and it looks fine on the page, but I'm just the kind of person that likes to keep my source code neat. So it's bothering me that it displays the entire post as one line.

    Sorry if that was a bad explanation of my problem, but here, this should help:

    I want the line "This is an entry..." to look more like the commented out text. I don't want it all as one long line, but rather a series of shorter lines. Is there a function to do this or should I attmept to write my own?


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    wrap 'string' to another line if it exceeds given 'width'
    PHP Code:
    echo wordwrap ($string$width"\n"); 

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    Will $width break up a word in the middle?
    IE if the width is 2 and I have "blah"
    Willl it make it "bla\nh"?

    Edit: No, it doesn't. I love PHP

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    to avoid that, use
    PHP Code:
    echo wordwrap ($string$width"\n"1); 

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