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Thread: Javascript pop-up not working in IE

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    Javascript pop-up not working in IE

    IE fails me again.
    I am trying to make a simple pop-uop window using javascript, but can't seem to get IE to do it.

    <!-- at the top of the page in JS tags... -->
    function newWindowFunc(url,name)	{,name,'height=400,width=200');
    <!-- My link -->
    < a href="#" 
    onClick="newWindowFunc('editProfile/styler/stylerfaq.php','Styler Help'); return(false);" >Read The FAQ< /a >
    This works fine in FF, but in IE nothing happens.
    It does work if I don't use any params, just the link location. But what good is that, why not just use a target
    I couldn't find this in the forums, but there were lots of JS problems with popups so...
    Any ideas?
    Oh and I've tried it with a url in the href, and a return(false);, although that just makes the main page load the new url... ugh.

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    strange, looks fine to me.....

    remove the return false and try sticking an alert showing the parameters into the function. Then try it in IE, if you see the alert showing the link href and the popup name you know that ain't the problem.

    Then try removing the width and height from the command and seeing if that works. If it still doesn't work......I'm stumped, but let me know how you get on.
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