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Thread: 100% Photoshop

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    100% Photoshop

    I was bored at a training session in Tulsa, OK.
    Let me know what you guys and gals think, the real image is 600dpi
    No scans, photos, anything just the subject, my eye, the mouse and a computer
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    that looks sweet, how bout a tute on that one? the whole panel

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    Wow, great job! Amazing what bordem can lead to sometimes. How long did it take?
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    Over the next couple of days I will make some tutorials on how to get all of the effects but the file took me about 4 hours to make. It would have been shorter but I was dealing with my A.D.D.

    For now, how about a sheet metal tutorial?

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    sheet metal tutes are available allover biggie i cn make one in 5 mins, now dont go lazy on us

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    ****. I was so

    fine....the whole thing.

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    I know this is an original work and it is a great job. But for those who want to learn. This thing is a big tut in itself. voidx and robouk have tuts for designing things like this. You take those tuts then run wild and make this type of stuff. Its all in layer styles and of course the famed sheet metal tuts.

    Not taking nothing from you at all. This is a very good job. And a tut would be appreciated. But this info is already out there.

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    I wouldnt pick on you if you were a PS noobbut since you seem well experienced I will ... The motion blur effect makes borders look a bit weid, and its often a good idea to crop them out... Thats the first thing I saw with your image...

    Looks very realistic though, top notch

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    ack, MLK beat me to it. Bah

    But none the less, that's exactly what I was going to say.
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    wow dude you have some skill, im very impressed

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    Thanks for the note, and I agree that the Tutorial on this on piece would be expansive and time consuming.

    I cropped the border out on the image but the lo-res jpg says otherwise, but a very good point (mlk & coppertop) to make for all PSers

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