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Thread: [PHP/HTML] PHP Mail Form

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    [PHP/HTML] PHP Mail Form

    Hey everyone,
    This is something basic that I have created for an upcoming tutorial, and I figured it may be interesting for some of you.

    Simply upload the form and replace with your e-mail address for e-mail in mailer.php.

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    I did everything exactly as you directed. Sadly, I'm not getting any emails. Everything looks like it works with no errors, but I don't get an email.

    located at:


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    Hey Joel!
    Do you have e-mail service enabled on your server? Try the source from the tutorial related to this: If you are not able to receive any e-mails using the final source from that tutorial, more than likely you have to configure your server to receive and send mail from forms.


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    now I understand how those pesky check boxes work. as a Professional php programmer I should know.
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    I was looking at the new posts, and was like... Kman needs help with a php mailer? and then I saw the forum it was in and was relieved. Don't scare me like that! I can't lose confidence in our leader!

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