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    A simple mouse trailer.

    [swf=]width=700 height=500[/swf]

    Wait, what?

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    That's cool Voets. Would it be possible to make it look like one shape that tapers at the non-mouse end? Kinda like the transitions on mn8 studios.

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    This is something quite different. The transitions on mn8 were tweened with masks (or I'd have to be very mistaking), this a very simple mouse trailer. You are talking about those 'swoosh' transitions right ?
    Wait, what?

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    love mouse trailers i can play with them all day

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    hmmm... I can't stand the fact that it stops when you move really fast but well done. Very sweet
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    yeah you should try and make it not stop because that ruins the whole effect haha but nice anyway.

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    Here is a trailer I did;
    [swf=]width=550 height=400[/swf]
    and the source file;
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    Doesn't load for me. And the link gives me a server error
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    Please use "Save As"
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