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Thread: controlling one mc timeline from another mc timeline

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    controlling one mc timeline from another mc timeline

    I need help controlling the timelines of mc's from inside another mc everything i've tried doesn't work the way want and i was wondering if someone can help me.

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    Well i'm not totally sure what u mean by 'controlling' but just using gotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay, read the flash help if you don't know how to use them.

    Also if you post a fla maybe i'll know what u mean.

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    I've tried gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, and nextFrame but for some reason it's not working

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    nevermind i figured it out. i didn't put the parentheses on the end of my .nextFrame().

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    ok, new problem, i have a MC that restores health, but instead of restoring on section at a time it fills up the life bar and you can't lose health. I'm using the prevFrame() and it's not working, can anyone help me??

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    Can you post your code for each frame?
    I imagine you have a health bar, right?

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    Put a stop(); action on each frame in the health bar.
    If you notice this notice you will notice this notice was inspired by the noticing of another notice.

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    there are 9 frames, each frame has a stop(); and the last says:

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