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Thread: Reply to this thread to submit a site (Week 2/21-2/27)

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    I am Jack's wasted life.

    Reply to this thread to submit a site (Week 2/21-2/27)

    If you wish to be considered for the SOTW for February 21 through February 27, 2003, please read the summary of rules:

    1) Reply by Thursday, February 27 to be considered for this week's award.

    2) Include the URL and your email address. Only the webmaster/creator of the site can submit. You may submit only one site per week. Submissions are capped at 10 each week, so don't wait or hesitate until the last minute.

    3) Websites submitted must be at least 90% Flash. Sites that have HTML pages with a Flash intro are ineligible.

    4) While it is understood that sites are perpetually under construction, please submit only complete sites. Do not submit a site that is less than 80% finished.

    5) Submissions must be actual websites with sections and content. Examples of ineligible include (but not limited to) flash games, movies, etc.

    6) There will be a private poll among the moderators and a winner will be announced on Monday, March 3, 2003.

    7) No critiques or feedback is allowed in the submission thread. If you wish a concentrated critique of your site, you may start a thread in Site Check.

    For more information or questions, please refer to the Official SOTW Rules. Once you have read and understand the rules above, you may submit your site to this thread. Sites not adhering to the rules above will be disqualified and deleted. Submitting your site is an agreement and acceptance of the rules.

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    I'd like to submit my site.

    Here goes.


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    here it goes, hope it succeeds.


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    site of the week

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    well its my own page and i hope its ok to post it once again! email:
    tnx alot!

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    almost got it last time
    here i go again!

    my site

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    Daniel Serrano [Darklight] :: My Portfolio

    Hello there,

    I recently found about Kirupa and would like to give it a shot. It would be an honor to be part of your listings and site of the week.

    Thanks a lot for the effort that allows designers to find a commonplace. Keep up the good work!


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    an old one but I still like it :

    yeah it's in french again, sorry pump up the volume !
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    Here is my submission


    Here is my web site submission. Thanks. Gavin.

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    Check out my site!

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    I am Jack's wasted life.
    The results are in:

    cluhendrix 0%
    noiz 0%
    yoyomhz 0%
    .ma 60.00%
    lopsided 0%
    mariofan 30.00%
    Darklight 10.00%
    yamo 0%
    webdez 0%
    br6879 0%

    The winner is .MA!

    Congratulations .ma. You may also post a graphical award from this page:

    Good job to all the participants. One of the valuable aspects of SOTW is to get valuable feedback about your site and get an idea of how well it stands beside some of the best on the web. Check back later as mod critiques will be posted later today.

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    I am Jack's wasted life.
    Remember not all these are my critiques... I'm only reposting them.

    [list=1][*]I've seen this site before over at FK and I thought the concept is pretty cool with the content being in the center than moving out. The transitions are smooth and the load time aren't too bad either. What really caught my attention was the rollOver volume control for the music player, I thought that was pretty sweet. The only problem I noticed with this site was the text, I noticed in some sections he'll have a pixel font and in others he'll have what appears to be Arial or Verdana with different sizes so that killed the design for me. [*]Oh no, another futuristic site with real small fonts. While it is well done, and functions well, it doesn't seem to "sell" the subject. The site is beautiful, but the purpose got lost on me. I think that a portfolio link should be the loudest thing on this type of site.[*]Love the colors. Transitions are nice, and the content is crisp. When the text flies in, the pixel fonts do tend to get blurry before settling down. Overall a nice site [*]The news scrollbar seems to be buggy, it only scrolls halfway then stops, just a tech note I thought you should know. There isn't really a clear flow in the text, some are small pixel fotns others are verdana. The colors and transitions and layout are all nice as well. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't find a music off button![*]I liked the green colour, that was quite different, but that front page reminded me of a 2advanced clone again. Maybe I've just been seeing them too much recently. A liked the bloke preloader, that was a nice touch, and the transitions were fairly smooth. Not too keen on the fonts some of time though, they were either the wrong face or colour and just plain unreadable. I did enjoy the interface on the services section though, nicely done.[*]a unique and extremly well executed interface. Good graphics. Good use of flash.[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]Now this site is more of my style, the graphics are excellent and the color scheme is nice as well. There are a few things I noticed that I didn't like. One was some of the sound effects in the beginning when the screen slides out doesn't go well with the other sounds. Second thing I didn't like was the negative space at the bottom of the layout. I thought there was more to the site, but I didn't see anything after I scrolled down so I thought that was a bit strange.[*]this site is really executed well, but I got tired of waiting for the transitions after the first click. I understand why they are used, just that they take an awful lot of time to do nothing really. Also, music was on by default... this is bad, especially in an office environment. Seemed like a lot of fluff.[*]Wow-very nice interface. The graphics, colors, and layout are spectacular.[*]The colors and graphics are excellent. This is more my style. I too disliked that negative space at the bottom of the site. I saw no point to it at all. Some of the sound effects were a bit off, but overall I liked them. The transitions were nice, everything had a nice flow. I don't know if those panels on the sides are supposed to be known as buttons, but you might want to make that more obvious if they are (the ones for the wallpapers)[*]Page wasn't found for me.[*]good use of flash. The color scheme could use a little more contrast (is there some kind of unknown rule in Flash that says you can only have a monochromatic color palette?). And this futuristic look is getting really banal, in my opinion. But that aside, it is a great site. Great usabilitity, flash execution, the whole nine...[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]Ok first off the splash screen is a mess and I didn't like the way this site was laid out either. It would be nice to see some kind of transition between sections instead of just jumping to the next one. This site is far from SOTW material and still needs a lot of work. Some of the animations are kinda good though.[*]Very nice. The only thing I saw was that when you clicked animations, you got a black screen. If you don't think to look down at the subnav and see that it has changed, then you are sitting there waiting for nothing to happen... #5 in the artwork did not work. the rest of the artwork has been compressed too much and has artifacts making it hard to see. Plus this section was drastically different than the rest of the site design-wise. I also did not like the animation on the buttons, it looked like there was a malfunction, but it was part of the animation.[*]The characters look cool. Some of the colors such as the blue gradient seem out of place. The site is nice but some further work could be used in changing the title, linking to an HTML page instead of an SWF, and other minor details.[*]The splash page was a reck! Transitions between sections would be nice as well. And I am not really sure what this site is for. Are you trying to sell your work? Are you just showing your stuff? Is it a personal page?[*]Same here, couldn't display it.[*]I think there are some nice illustrations and animations here... but overall, the site doesn't seem as polished or have the finesse that we expect from participants. It's also very choppy.[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]haha this site made me laugh, but in a good away. I thought those lil bouncing boxes are pretty cool, nice concept. The 3D work and pixel graphics are nicely done. The things that I didn't like were the popup windows and the initial loading time, it was a bit long and I'm on a broadband connection. Despite those minor problems, I voted for this site because of the concept is pretty original.[*]When I arrived at the site I had 2 popups... one was a shoutbox, and a birthday box... I left. Sorry, I hate popups, and thought these were unecessary.[*]The site is quite nice, but the popups really detract from the overall feel of the site. Also, does the site not remind you of The layout of the stats, news, and other little features look a tad bit suspicious. URL:[*]Same as last time. I think it's a great site man. And unless I completely overlooked that before YOU ADDED A MUSIC OFF BUTTON!!!! I love that. I voted .ma. I had trouble choosing between his site and another previously. One setback that I disliked was no way to turn the music off. He added a stop button now (unless I overlooked it before, but I don't think I did) and since he took our suggestions into consideration and fixed it up, I think that gives him extra points [*]I loved this the other week, and I still love it now. The little pixel dude is great. The two pop ups at the start were potentially annoying, but I ran the Birthday one and it was actually quite cool. I'm hoping it's a one off thing though, not permanent. Basically, the transitions on the site are a tad too long, but they are very well done. I'm sorry, I just love it. Beautiful. Well, I'm sorry I'm going to have to go for my bouncy pixel guy again. It was close between him and Darklight, but pixel won it.[*]same as last time. Too busy and that cartoon font is a little weird. Plus there seems to be a couple pop-ups now that I didn't notice before. Boo![/list=1]
    [list=1][*]The first thing that came to mind at first glance was that the layout is just too big, but after looking at the content, I can see why the designer chose to go with a large layout. The photography work is excellent, but this is a for a SOTW award, not a photography award so I don't think this site is SOTW material mainly because I didn't like the navigation system if there is one....[*]another popup, and full screen at that! I liked absolutely everything else, except the rollover function. I think I would rather see it as OnRelease... Oh, and do away with the full screen popup, you don't need it, and it is irritating. I realize you don't want them to hit the back button, but by taking away control, you are chasing away potential clients.[*]Excellent site with some really nice photos. Too bad the site had to be in a pop-up window. Besides that, the navigation, the images, and the overall look of the site is nicely done. The beeping sound is a tad bit annoying though.[*]On my monitor I had to drag your pop-up window sideways just to find the navigation. Then I had to drag it the best I could around to see anything else. And I couldn't even see it all at that.[*]You ran it in a pop up, man! No! To begin with it looked like it was going to be a really novel layout and design, but it was kind of boring in the end. I think I was expecting more... Like the opening screen with the flats, I wanted that to do something. But it didn't. Nice pictures though, just a little... Disappointing? Not in a bad way, just... Hmm.[*]I like the simplicity, but it's just too boring. As a Flash site, it doesn't really take advantage of Flash's many capabilities. As a website, it really doesn't communicate very well.[/list=1]

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    I am Jack's wasted life.
    <a name="mario"></a>mariofan
    [list=1][*]It was a tough decision between .ma and mariofan because I liked this site as well. It's another great concept and with some nice effects. His portfolio work is awesome as well. This would of been my 2nd choice for SOTW.[*]This is an interesting way of navigation. Intriguing, yet easy to use. I would try to incorporate your site all in one window, and stop using a popup. Popup blockers are becoming standard issue with some ISP's, and then your site won't work. I can't believe I voted for a site with pop-ups...[*]Nice site with a unique transition between sections of content. The clock is pretty cool. I voted for mariofan, but I would have voted for .ma if the design didn't look too much like a ripoff of[*]Same as last time. Great site.D[*]Again, I really thought was good when it was submitted the other week. It's different, stylish and simple, but still fun to look at. Not much in the way of variety though would be my major critcism.[*]same as last time... fantastic. I decided to give my vote to this site once again.[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]This is one of those sites that takes getting use to mainly because it's laid out differently from other sites. When I first saw this site, I didn't like it because of how the content is squeezed into such a small space so it made everything look busy. After viewing it a few more times, I thought it wasn't so bad, the vector artwork is nice and clean, the text is nice and crisp as well. This site has potential and I wouldn't be surprised if it won SOTW in the future.[*]I think that the transitions are a bit abrupt, but the overall design is wonderful. I did not like the mystery meat sub navigation however. You need some instructions, or flashing lites or something, nobody but you knows what buttons do what. Then again, I am huge on useability.[*]Wow! Very unique, and the site had a great feel overall.[*]Incredibly interesting layout. I really like it. The colors and such are great as well. But something I didn't like is that when you enter a section, you have no way of signifying which button leads to which section after that unless you click the tiny button in the bottom left corner to call the butler and go back to the home page. And it wasn't too signified that the buttons to your left were to change music and the red ball was actually a level to adujust music volume level. I found out by clicking them. I do love the concept, just needs a few adjustments.[*]Nice eye preloader, just not sure on the turquoise. Nice layout when you got in though, with that little demon dude and the hellfire. Unusual. He's done some great line art though, and I especially liked the mask thing over his face in the about section - roll over his brain and he's asleep. Very good, I liked it.[*]totally unique interface! While it is cool to look at, it has terrible usability though. If he would just probably label or give some kind of indication on these menu buttons, this site would be **** close to perfect.[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]This site has awesome cartoon work, but I didn't like the layout or the color scheme. I didn't think the layout went well with the cartoons. It would be nice to see more cartoon work incorporated into the layout and a more vibrant color scheme as well.[*]Another useless pop-up... Artwork is beautiful, but I was waiting for a while to figure out what this was... Maybe if I knew about the site beforehand it wouldn't have mattered.[*]Nicely drawn characters! The black and green text don't really go well, and the interface looks a little unfinished. [*]The content that is loaded in is nice and colorful, but the interface is dull and grey. The interface actually looks very amature while the content does not. I also didn't like how the navigation was numbers... what is each section? I can't read the language anways, but it would be nice to know what I am clicking on if I did.[*]The guy is a fantastic artist, there's no denying it. He seems to have a site every week. Couldn't understand most of what was going on though thanks to my not speaking French. The overall look was a bit dull, though the cartoons brightened it up a lot.[*]dangit Yamo! I passed level B of Hublo and I have to wait for you to finish the game?! I can tell you right now that I am suffering from Hublo withdrawals. Oh yes, back to your site. So yah it's cool... It has those trademark Yamo illustrations I love. It is well executed. Mystery meat navigation is the downfall though. But a nice site overall.[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]This site is a nice try, but definitely not SOTW material. Everything took forever to fade in and it got boring. I think it would also be nice to throw in a second color into this color scheme. Changing the background to white would probably help.[*]This one lost me right away. It took forever to go thru the intro the first time, then when you click on home, you have to go thru it all again! I think the bg is way too simple, and the buttons/fonts are overused and tired.[*]Nice, simple site. While I find nothing wrong with the site, I find nothing to make it SOTW worthy. This site reminds me of something done in HTML instead of Flash. The fonts are kind of blurry at sections.[*]I am not too fond of the colors. And it took forever to get through the intro, especially with no skip intro button. And I as well think it almost seems as though it could be easily done in HTML minus the masking (which could actually be animated .gif) and alpha fades.[*]No skip on that intro, and it seemed to take a loooong time. I didn't really like this one, it was too green (does that count as a reason?) and looked a little amateur-ish, I'm afraid. I think this would have been better off as a plain HTML page. Boring.[*]It's a good start at getting familiar with Flash. However this site would be better served as an HTML page. Aside from the simple ripple effect on the buttons, this site doesn't use Flash to any greater potential. As though it uses flash for the sake of having a flash site. However, if this is webdez's first flash site - good job. Keep practicing and learning all that flash can do and submit a site later.[/list=1]
    [list=1][*]Another nice try, but over all I thought the work looked unprofessional. Some of the text was hard to read and I didn't like the color scheme. I didn't like the way the music controls are seperated as well, the next track button is in the top left corner and the stop is at the bottm.[*]I liked this site. I think that the fps needs to be looked over, but that would be easy. I would also suggest doing something a little more inventive with the photos. Try to use your artistic ability to incorporate them a little more into the design, rather than just sticking the rectangle on the bg.[*]Cool site, but I am not particulary fond of the colors. The colors contrast too much. Besides that, a really cool site.[*]The text in the news section was very hard to read and that cartoony grape guy looked very unprofessional. I did however, enjoy how you had the vines grow in as a transition. I thought that was very interesting.[*]Pop Up! Fonts were dodgy and not always in line or clear enough to read. It took me a while to work out what the site was actually about (it's a band, right?) which I thought was a bad thing. It was also a bit... I don't know... I'm gonna say amateur again, btu that's not quite what I mean. No, not really.[*]To be perfectly honest, it looks like a newbie site. A good start, and we encourage you to learn more flash... but in case it wasn't obvious, this isn't an award we hand out to just anybody. We demand fairly advanced sites, as you may have noticed from previous winners of this award (and you did check it out as the rules implied, right?). Keep practicing.[/list=1]

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    hey at all,
    im really happy that such a stupid site has won ->i know that page isnt for everybody.. THANK u so much! let me say this: yeah, is my most favourite site, thats true. i think that page is very well layouted, very clear. but i think mine isnt too close to that one, well at least i hope it!
    yes, i learned from the last critics, i included an off-button for the music heheh. and the popups: those really are a special thing because of the birhtday.. normally i hate them too but too bad that ppl dont even visit the page further but yeah they will be off soon.

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