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Thread: hide Toolbar of Flashplayer

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    HIDE Toolbar of Flashplayer !!

    I would like to know how to hide the toolbar of flash player.
    toolbar .. on top.. which says the File,View,control,Help.. How do i do this ...
    thanx jAy
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    in projectors ??

    that would be pretty easy .. just open the .exe file and remove or change anything you want

    or use
    Stage.showMenu = false
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    Oh no
    Sorry for the confusion created, but I want to use AS .. and hide the toolbar of the .swf and not theprojector file.Is there a way ..

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    Not the right clik menu
    the menu ontop, which contains file,view,help .. that one .. how do i remove that ?

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    maybe you mean in the browser, a window with content

    you know the back buttons and so on?? or maybe I'm wrong!

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    I was talking bot the swf standalone player.. not the browser. U can hide those on browser using JS.. but i want to hide tool bars of flash standalone player

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    You can do that in stand alone swf player by simply adding the following code in your first frame

    Stage.showMenu = false

    it works fine...

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