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Thread: How to create a 'Log-in' sort of thing??

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    How to create a 'Log-in' sort of thing??

    Hi there,

    I recently got FrontPage 2002 for my birthday, and wonder about something.

    I have a book which explains most of the stuff within FrontPage.

    I was just wondering whether it was possible to create a sort of Logging-In place, where poeple can register, and when they visit the site, they can logg into it?

    Anyone know?


    P.S: Also, is it possible to r create a forum like this?

    P.P.S: Is it possible to create a voting Poll, which shows the results on the website (it automatically updates the website with the results)


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    Hey Gregh,
    You can create a guestbook using FrontPage's guestbook feature and, instead of having guestbook info, you can have information that could be viewable only by members with a username and password.

    For a poll and forum, I would recommend you try other free CGI scripts or PHP applications such as PHPBB or vBulletin.


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    Happy birthday!!! this should answer your question: I donno.

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    NO WAY! phpBB is free?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!
    AMAZING!!!! There must be something wrong... I am DLing it now.

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    yeah, phpBB is free Mike, btw, would it be possible for you to reduce the size of your footer? It is a little bit too tall.


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    AWW!! Nuts, i had spent 20 minutes posting a descent reply with LOADS of questions and stuff, and it hasn't shown up!!! I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will try and say what i said last time:

    Thankyou very much for your reply Kirupa, i appreciate all you've told me, and it should help me alot.
    I am not too familiar with PhBB and stuff, so that confuses me.

    I have lots more questions too Kirupa, i dont think the questions belong in this forum, but i'd rather post her than waste time and space making a new post in another forum:

    1.) On the grass tutorial (Flash MX i think), the finished preview you did doesn't work.

    Also, the same with the backlight affect one, i spent ages reading 5 pages worth of stuff, but never got to see the final, finished example

    2.) On the tutorial for doing a Tell Target rollover affect thing (i cant remember the name of it).
    I did it all and stuff, but when i clicked play, it just played through the whole lot. On your example though, you had to highlight the buttons for it to play the rollover type effect. Have i done something wrong?

    I had about 4 more questions, but iv completely forgotten them now!! Grrr!!

    May i also comment on your superb selection of smilies, your amazing forums (I wish i had forums like these), and your unlimited amount of Flash tutorials.

    This website is purely amazing.

    Also, for my website, i want an advert on it. And the advert i want on it, is an advert to this site.

    I dont want to charge you for it either. But, could you possibly make a Really cool advert, linking to your site so that i can add it to my website.

    I pressume that u would make it in Flash, but i dont know how to add Flash movies to my FrontPage site. If it is impossible to do so, then try and save it as a .GIF perhaps?


    (Im still really annoyed, because i had tonnes to say before, but i lost it all!!!!! :o )


    Once again, great site - and it would be an honour to have an advert leading to it on my website!

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    Hey gregh,
    So so sorry! If you go to the main FrontPage forum, you will notice that I moved your response into the Flash MX forum. You can find links to the site from the following URL:

    Here's your original post:

    I do apologize for the mishap. It makes it easier to answer questions when you categorize them in the right forum.


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    Kinda off subject... phpBB isn't working. Please help me in my other post:

    hahah, no problem Kirupa. My footer is shortend.

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    Oh right, so that would be where that post went. I meant to do that as a reply to this, but must have clicked the 'new thread' button.

    Anyhow, You didn't answer my questions Kirupa...ummm. Can you do, please?

    After reading through the new topic i made which was supposed to be a reply to this, there was one question which belongs here, and so ill say that one again:

    I would really like Flash movies to be on my FrontPage websites, but i dont know if i can, can you please help me Kirupa, is it possible? If so, how do i do it, thanks.

    And, can you also tell me what u think about making an advert for this site??


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    Hey gregh,
    To get FrontPage to display Flash movies try the following:

    1.)Make sure your Flash movie is published (SWF and HTML files).
    2.)Upload your SWF file to your Web server TO the folder that the HTML page you want to insert the Flash file is.
    3.)Go to FrontPage and open the HTML file Flash created along with the SWF file. You will see the Flash animation displayed in FP. Right click on the animation and select Copy.
    4.)While this HTML page is open, go to your server and open the HTML page that you want to include the new Flash animation into.
    5.)Right click on the spot where you want the animation and select Paste.

    That should work.


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    Umm....dang!! I didn't understand a word of that!

    Hopefully, after days of staring at it i will make sense of it.
    Is there any possible way that you could make it sound a bit clearer, cheers.

    Anyhow, you still haven't said anything about my request for you doing an advert!!!!!!!!!! Nor have u replied to my questions on Flash i dont think...

    I understand that your probably a busy man, but if you have time to answer 1 question, answering a few more wouldn't be a problem would it?


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    Hey Gregh,
    The reason I moved the question to the Flash MX forum was because I did not know the answer to them. You can get buttons for linking to my site from the bottom of this page. I posted the link earlier I think.



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    Ok, thankyou so much Kirupa. Now i can add this to my website!!


    EDIT: Dang, the Flash one wont load, and when i try and download it - it keeps showing a 404 error!!
    Last edited by Gregh; February 11th, 2003 at 12:00 PM.

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    Hey Gregh,
    Just fixed the broken links.


    Great, now even Kirupa is { facebooking | twittering }

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    Thanks Kirupa.

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